Social Work Services

NICRO social work services

The core function of the NICRO Social Work Services is to assess the offenders and provide needs based programmes and services in order to enhance the adjustment, social functioning and reintegration of offenders back into the community.


Psychosocial Assessment

The Social Worker conducts a psychosocial assessment, which is an evaluation of the individual’s psychological functioning in the context of his/her specific social environment. A psychosocial assessment is done when a psychosocial intervention is offered.

A psychosocial intervention is:

  1. a solution for individual challenges
  2. that emerge when interacting with element(s) of the social environment.

Psychosocial Assessment Report

The report is the document that contains all the assessment information that was gathered and provides:

A psychosocial intervention is:

  1. reasons behind the problem behaviour;
  2. a treatment plan with relevant treatment interventions (this is done in consultation with the individual), and
  3. strategies to support, evaluate & monitor change in consultation with the client

Expert Witnessing in Court

NICRO social workers are available to give evidence in court on the assessments and reports they have written.

Support with the Expungement of Criminal Records

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Walk in Services

NICRO provides a walk-in service to members of the public at its offices, where referrals, recommendations and information is made available.

Tracking and Aftercare

“Aftercare” is a period of extended supervision and service delivery provided for one year after a person exits a service This includes such components as regular contact with a case manager, monitoring of school/job attendance, and referral to additional support services as appropriate. Aftercare is based on the notion that a continuation of service provision, social controls and support in the community is essential to maximizing the potential for long-term positive behavioral change.

This service is incorporated into all NICRO programmes. All offenders receive aftercare for up to 12 months and undergo progress tracking.



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